Each edition of Quardiddl-Cards contains 32 different cards (8 x 4 cards).

The Quardiddl-Cards offer four varieries of fun:

1. Dib-Dab-Diddl: Scissors, paper, stone and well - which one wins?
The symbols can be found in the upper right corner of the Quardiddl-Cards.
Every player chooses a card and holds it face down. The stronger symbol wins. 

2. Quarteddl - This game is played like the classis Quartet Happy Families: You have to collect as many quartets (i.e. series of 4 cards) as possible.

3. Compatiddl - Another Quartet Happy Families version: Compare the different values. The highest value wins!

4. Collectibbl - This is 100% collecting fun!
When will you have collected all cards?

You can of course play without having collected all of the cards!

*~*~* So, what are you waiting for? *~*~*