*~*~* Missing Parts List *~*~*

We are still looking for a few Diddl stuff to complete our coll. Please offer!

*~*~* Pad Sheets*~*~*

A6: -

A5: -


  Nr. 13b (Hole NOT blanked out!)

Furthermore we are looking for sheets and special sheets from other countries; for example "Roadshow" (except for the sheet from Denmark which we have already)
Please offer any sheet you have.

*~*~* Wrapping Paper *~*~*

Nr. 1     Nr. 3

Nr. 7

*~*~* Post-Cards*~*~*

There are still missing some give away cards in our coll.

- Roadshow 1

- Galupy on skis

- Postcards


We look forward to your offers!